Roof inspections...

... like never before!

We enable property owners and managers to more effectively control their largest maintenance expense, roofs, with new state-of-the-art inspection technology.

Do you know the true condition of your roof?

  • We use the latest in “drone” or UAV technology with high resolution cameras and thermal imagers to inspect roofs.
  • We provide a comprehensive report describing the condition of each roof on your property.

EnableUAV Can:

Find Missing Tiles

Inspect Repairs

Detect Water Intrusion (Pitched Roof)

Detect Water Intrusion (Flat Roof)

EnableUAV can help you make decisions with better data and save money!

  • More Cost Effective Repairs – Fix roof issues before they become major problems and continue to monitor areas of concern.
  • Better Budget Planning – Better data for more accurate roof replacement planning.  Don’t waste money on roofs that don’t need it and don’t be surprised by the ones that do.

What EnableUAV did was incredible! I have never had more insight into the condition of my roofs. I now have better information for roof replacement budget planning.

Katrina LaFay - Property Manager, Mosaic of Millenia

EnableUAV's Focus:

Roof Inspections

We utilize advanced high resolution cameras and thermal imagers to inspect roofs for damage and water intrusion.

Home & Building Inspections

We utilize advanced thermal imagers used to inspect the insulation performance of homes and buildings. We check HVAC losses for both heat and cooling.

Solar Panel Inspections

We utilize advanced thermal imagers to evaluate the efficiency of solar panels.

Other Services:

Aerial Photography

We provide stunning aerial photographs or videos for real estate listings or for your enjoyment.

3D Mapping

3D mapping provides a great perspective for facilities expansion planning or security planning.  This data can be used to provide accurate measurements of distance, area, and volume.

Construction Site Monitoring

We provide images for site planning and we monitor progress with routine inspection flights.

Powerline and Utility Inspection

We utilize high resolution cameras and thermal imaging to check for damage, corrosion, or connection problems.

About EnableUAV:

EnableUAV’s mission is to provide value based aerial inspection data that allows for smarter and more cost effective decision making.  We enable property managers, commercial businesses, and residential property owners to effectively reduce risks and costs by understanding the true condition of their roofs. We understand that a roof replacement is often the single largest maintenance expense that a property owner will incur.  By utilizing advanced thermal imagers and high resolution cameras that are integrated onto small UAVs or drones, EnableUAV can detect various roofing issues such as water intrusion, damage, corrosion, and unwanted debris.  We even have the ability to detect issues early before they become serious problems.  This critical data helps property owners be more proactive and make more informed decisions on roofing repairs or replacements and have better control over annual budgets.  Don't be surprised by your roof!


EnableUAV also offers other drone based inspection services such as structures, pipelines, power lines, HVAC boiler and chiller lines, solar panels, and insulation performance surveys.  We also provided aerial photography, 3D mapping, and construction site monitoring.


EnableUAV's chief pilot, Patrick Walsh is an FAA certified drone pilot.


Patrick Walsh - CEO

Patrick spent the past 8 years at Lockheed Martin in roles of increasing responsibility and in his most recent role, as a Business Development Associate Manager, he obtained order commitments of over $15M annually. In this role, he helped establish investment strategy, business capture plans, product positioning, and sales plans for advanced electro-optical and infrared targeting systems. Also a graduate of Lockheed Martin’s operations leadership development program, he held multiple leadership roles in production operations; including production operations manager, production supervisor, and cross-functional team leader. Key successes include establishing a production system for a new product line and leading the production ramp up of the highest volume product in Lockheed’s Fire Control Factory at that time, to an output of over $400M per year.

Patrick holds BS degree in Aerospace / Mechanical Engineering and an ME degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, and an MBA from Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College.

Jonathan Byrd - CFO

Jonathan has over 7 years of operating experience, most recently as an operations engineer and production supervisor for Lockheed Martin, where he led the production engineering efforts for a prototype threat warning system. A graduate of Lockheed Martin's operations leadership development program, he has worked in multiple production roles, including leading a cross-functional performance management team, supervising hourly employees across production testing and final integration of multiple advanced electro-optical weapons systems, and supporting procurement planning and supply chain risk management. Previously, Jonathan had served as a technical advisor for the US Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center, where he advised operational test teams evaluating the effectiveness and suitability of developmental weapons systems.

Jonathan holds BS degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from West Virginia University, an MS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Florida, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.
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